Junior Coaches 2016/17 and Final Positions

Under 11 Mark Rowe Adam Roe 3rd
Under 13/1 Dom Hodges David Kite, Marty Couzner PREMIERS
Under 13/2 Graham Hodges Ben Edwards PREMIERS
Under 15/1 Mark Bull Darren White PREMIERS
Under 15/2 Gold Adam Roe Michael Burlow 2nd
Under 15/2 Maroon Frank Letamendia Marcus Letamendia 8th
Under 17/1 David Trevaskis Paul Roxby 7th
Junior Coaching Director Mark Bull    
Coach The Coaches Andrew Sperling    



The Henley & Grange Baseball Club (in conjunction with their sister club, the Port Adelaide Softball Club) provide an outstanding opportunity for young boys and girls aged between 4.5 to 9 years of age to participate in skills training, modified games and All Star Carnivals through their successful Tball Program which is held on Friday nights at the club (Bartley Terrace, West Lakes Shore) between 5.00pm and 6.00pm. Come & Try dates run in the months of September and October with the season proper starting early November. With the Government's Sports Voucher initiative, Tball at H&G can cost as little as $20.00 for a whole 10 week season which also incorporates a Night with the Bite where the kids get a chance to play on the big diamond and meet players before a Bite game.

Have a peek at what Tball looks like at H&G.


For more information, please contact Junior Coordinator: Rowena Trevaskis 0418 450 151 or juniors@hgbc.com.au


The Henley & Grange Baseball Club's Junior Indoor Pre-season Training Program takes place each pre-season at Seaton High on Thursday nights during the months of August and September. Players and Coaches from U11s to U17s utilise the fantastic equipment and enjoy the dry conditions of the nets each season, please contact the Junior Coordinator to get the correct times for different age groups. We wish to thank Charles Sturt Council for their approval of a DWA grant which has allowed us to continue to provide this outstanding program for our ever-growing junior players.

If you wish to come and join the Mighty Rams please drop into Seaton High on Thursday nights in August from 5.00pm, or email Rowena Trevaskis at juniors@hgbc.com.au for more information.



The HGBC Committee wishes to thank DT for his work on this project.


Division One and Two squad training will start in August and September with some indoor batting training at Seaton High in the nets on Thursday nights from 8.00pm to 9.00pm. Outdoor training, Pitcher/Catcher throwing programs and weights/gym sessions will be communicated to players via the Division One Coach.

Division Three to Seven training will begin at Jubilee Reserve, Hawkesbury Way, West Lakes Shore (across from the clubrooms on our 'back' diamond) during August. Keep an eye on Facebook for specific times and dates.

For more information, please contact the Senior Coordinator:

Steve McCarron, 0415 822 527