Hi H&G Members,

It is now time to get registered for the 2018/19 Senior Men and Junior baseball league season.  

Firstly, it is VERY IMPORTANT that all players ensure they are registered and association fees are paid prior to taking the diamond for the first game.  Unregistered players means uninsured players.  Games can be forfeited if a team plays unregistered players.

This year you will be required to pay your H&G annual club fees as well as the association fees via the Online Registration portal to simplify the process.  

The fee policy document details our expectations for the payment of fees as well as the amounts payable for each division/age group.  

We are encouraging players to pay the club fee before 01 October 2018 by offering a 10% discount, fees paid after this date will be at the full rate but can still be paid via the Online link.  

H&G Club fees must be paid in full by 30 November. If payment is not made by this date the player is considered unfinancial and is not eligible to play until they become financial. 

For returning members use the same email and password as last season.

New members will be required to create a new logon. Parents of juniors, you set this up with your details and then register your child(ren).   It is expected that each individual or parent will complete the registration process....the Club will not create an account for you.  If you need assistance with this process we will offer help, just contact me via email.

Below are links to registration database and documents to assist with the registration process.  

A few tips to remember when entering data;

  • ensure correct spelling of names and contact details,
  • do not put spaces in phone number fields and
  • when reading the T&C's and Code of Conduct be sure to tick all tick boxes, some are obscure and on the side of the conditions.  

You will get error messages for incorrectly formatted or incomplete fields so check all details and tick boxes.

If you are using your Primary Schools Sports voucher, this can be used to offset $50.00 from the cost of your FULL H&G Annual Club Fees. If your child meets the age criteria AND has NOT used a Sports Voucher for other sports in 2018 then you will be able to select this option in the database. If you are eligible you must complete the voucher attached and give to either myself or Daniel Harris, Junior Coordinator. In the event that a voucher is declined you will be required to pay the full club fee.  Further information regarding the initiative by the South Australian Government can be found at http://www.sportsvouchers.sa.gov.au/

Click on the link below for our Online Registration Portal

Registering myselfhttp://tghelp.sportstg.com/help/how-do-i-register-myself

Registering someone elsehttp://tghelp.sportstg.com/help/how-do-i-register-someone-else

Registering more than one person: http://tghelp.sportstg.com/help/how-do-i-register-more-than-one-person

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this information. As this is a new database we are hoping that the process will go smoothly but in the event that you encounter glitches please contact me so we can rectify or raise with Baseball SA.


Karyn Burlow

H&GBC Treasurer