Wondering how many games you've played for the Mighty Rams? Click below and have a scroll through the H&GBC Played Games list.

The current list is a 'work in progress' as we continue to enhance our historical records with more accurate information, therefore we encourage you to email the Secretary of any data amendments or inclusions (for example, correct spelling, missing first names, joining year and Premiership or Inaugural members) at

Here are some interesting statistics from the list as at May 2017:

  • Graham Hodges is our most games played member with 988
  • Tyler Wall-Waddell played the most games in 2016/17 with 48
  • The surname with the most members is Smith
  • The family who have played the most games combined is the Hodges (Michael, Dom, Jordan, Graham & Boston) with 1928
  • Mrs Dru King was the first female to attain 100 games in 1989/90
  • Andy Seymour was the first player to attain the 500 game total
  • Peter Kemp achieved 600 games first in 1991/92
  • Roger Smoker made it to 700 games in 1995/96 before any other player
  • And both Roger Smoker and Doug Trevaskis were the first to clock up 800 games in the 2006/07 season


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