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The aim of the Henley & Grange Baseball Club social media profiles is to:

  • Increase awareness amongst the public of the Henley & Grange Baseball Club
  • Share news and updates about activities and events around the club
  • Publicise the achievements and milestones of the club and its teams, players and members
  • Acknowledge and promote club Sponsors
  • Provide an additional method of communication between club officials and members


The club acknowledges the large number of members and affiliates who are of an age where the use of social media may not be appropriate, or require strict guidance and monitoring. As such, the club sets the following standards for its own social media content:


  • All official club content will be appropriate for all ages (language, images, or material that is fraudulent, harassing, threatening, bullying, embarrassing, sexually explicit, profane, obscene, racist, sexist, intimidating, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate or unlawful will not be used)


  • Content posted by the club will be relevant, correct and up-to-date, based on the information available to the club at the time of posting.


  • All official club content will promote positive values, including respect, sportsmanship, honesty, rigor.


  • The club will not through any channels of communication promote, endorse or share content that does not equally reflect the above commitments.


  • Guidelines will be published for individuals engaging with the club on social media.


  • All official club social media profiles will be closely monitored for inappropriate use or content, and will be moderated as required.


  • Official representatives of the club will model best-practice when engaging with any club social media profile, in accordance with guidelines set by the club.


  • The club will take immediate action should any of the prescribed standards not be adhered to.


The club encourages parents and caregivers of members under the age of 18 to provide guidance to those members when using social media. Some recommended steps are:

  • Discussing what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate use of social media
  • Setting clear boundaries for use of online profiles
  • Establishing a level of supervision or monitoring that is comfortable and appropriate for the persons involved, taking into account their age and the manner in which they use social media


Additional information and resources about staying safe online can be found at


Members, parents and caregivers are encouraged to speak to an official representative of the Henley and Grange Baseball Club if they have any concerns about the club’s presence on social media, or the ways in which their own or other children, or any other user, is engaging with it.

A suggested first point-of-call is the HGBC Junior Coordinator:

M: 0418 450 151